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The Ramsay lineage of Dennis Hurt of Estes Park Colorado stems from William Waterman Ramsay of Rhode

Dennis Hurt's Ramsay family lineage can eventually be traced back to William Waterman Ramsay, born 1783 in Rhode Island. His paternal grandmother was born Sylvia "Bessie" Ramsay, on Mar 1875 in Iowa, daughter of George Lucas Ramsay (1846 IL - 1914 NE) and Mary Jane Sims (1851 IA - 1921 NE). George Lucas Ramsey's parents were George E. Shubride Ramsay (1811 PA - 1893 IA) and Jane Elizabeth Campbell (1820 PA - 1893 IA). And this George Ramsay's parents were William Waterman Ramsay, b. 1783 in Rhode Island and died in 1859 in De Kalb Co., IL, and Lucy Concord, b. 1783 in PA. If you know more about this Ramsay line, please contact us.

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