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Clan Ramsay International

The former Clan Ramsay Association of North America came into being in 1978 and has been thriving ever since.  The Clan meets annually at one of the Highland Games around the United States or Canada for their AGM - the annual grand meeting.  Clan Convener Dr. Carl Bailey of SC leads the Clan in America with the present Clan President, Richard McGraw, of North Carolina; past-president John E. Ramsay of Raleigh, NC; and new president-elect, Pam Ramsey McNeil of Indiana; vice-president-elect, Mike Ramsey of Texas; and treasurer / membership chairman, David F. Ramsey, originally of West Virginia, presently of Dunedin, FL. Many others contribute hours per week of their time to make this organization run as efficiently as it does. Among those are or have been Ron Ramsey, Bob and Mary Alice Ramsey, Mona Ramsey, Alice Ramsay, Nancy Miller, and John Ramsey Henderson. Many others represent Ramsay / Ramsey persons around the World. Please take time to visit the website - shown above - to learn more. And if you're a Ramsay / Ramsey or related person - please consider a membership. Further festivals for the coming year are listed at the Clan Ramsay International website. Of course, all of this comes under the approval and leadership of the Clan Chief, James Hubert Ramsay, Lord Ramsay - 17th Earl of Dalhousie - of Scotland.

Wayne Ramsey Premo
Colorado State Commissioner

Assumed the state commissioner role in 2013 after Danny Ramsey led the clan in Colorado for many years.  Wayne had become involved with Ramsey family history on the heels of his grandfather Carl Wayne Ramsey of Lincolnton, then Durham, and later Hillsborough, North Carolina, his uncle Robert Wayne Ramsey, the history professor, and aunt Barbara "Bo" Ramsey (Robbins), co-conspirator of the facts. Current research with other Ramsey descendants centers on establishing the family line from North Carolina back to Pennsylvania, then probably Ireland, and finally Scotland. Presently, individual Colorado Ramsay / Ramsey family histories are being researched and compiled into a coherent Colorado Clan Ramsay database that attempts to link them to the earliest Ramsay / Ramsey lines in both America and Europe. Wayne is a retired research geologist (emeritus) for the US Geological Survey in Lakewood.

Virginia "Ginny" Premo  Asst commissioner

Agreeing to help her father out at festivals, Ginny quickly became a positive force within the Clan Ramsay Colorado organization. With the exception of only one festival, she and her fiancé Jesse Glover have attended all other Colorado festivals over the past nine years and have been key to the success of our festival presentations. Ginny is the principal tent interior designer and organizer, and lead public relations director (and occasional confrontation mediator).  She loves Celtic mythology, music, and art although she is currently studying nuclear chemistry in graduate school at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado, while helping raise her daughter, Anny (Andromeda) Glover.

Jesse Glover  Clan Ramsay Colorado Art Director

Jesse has been almost singly responsible for all the Clan Ramsay Colorado artwork, including the following: parade banner design, Ramsay Scotch Ale label and banner (oh yeah, and the ale itself), Green Man, Cone Man, unicorn pole pieces, Ramsay throne, burlap map of Scotland, Clan Ramsay amulets, leather armature pieces, poster designs - including the "House of Unicorns" seen in the background of this webpage. In fact, he was instrumental in helping to create this website. While he loves art, and especially Celtic art design (and music), he is a US Navy veteran, a graduate of CSM Golden in chemical engineering, and currently is working at home in Arvada, CO, amid the COVID situation . Beside the new love of his life, his daughter Anny, he is especially keen at brewing beers and ales, likely will taste one or two, and is said to be handy in a fight. He says he is mostly Irish - I believe him.


A past and current fixture with Clan Ramsay Colorado at nearly every festival so far over the past nine years, Green Man has "wowwed the crowds" - but mostly the wee folk - the children. They follow him everywhere and if we had a dollar for every photo taken with him, we'd be a rich clan indeed. On occasion he can be found standing around, silently providing shade, perhaps poofing on a pipe of dried foliage and/or quaffing a cool drink. The only thing that makes him move on are roaming dogs... ever circling.


Often we have to ask him to leaf us alone, but we soon find we are barking up the wrong tree...  however, come winter he is finally exposed.

Timothy Hale - Clan Contributor & Participant

Tim joined the "crew" of Clan Ramsay festival participants in 2015. Descended from Ramsey families in Arkansas, but originally from North Carolina, then Alabama, he has happily and fully embraced this Ramsey family history (see Colorado Family Histories Tab) head on. He and parts of his immediate family have participated since the Elizabeth Celt Fest 2015. He was instrumental in the design and acquisition of the new Clan Ramsay standard banners seen in many of the photos on this website.

Working with local Scot / Celt tartan seamstress, Carrie Simpson of Castle Rock, CO (see STORE tab), he has initiated many thoughtful Clan Ramsay items, including a recent place mat and napkin set made of Clan Ramsay tartan.

       Assisted by companion Alex Hale and their daughter, Jeanie, the Hale family have provided much appreciated assistance with tent set-up, design, and tear-down. Much thanx to the Hale family for all their hard work, good times, and companionship.

Dennis Hurt - Clan Contributor & Participant

Dennis first came aboard the Clan group in 2014. Admitting that he had a distant Ramsey ancestor, he also quickly pointed out that he had in his possession a much already established text about at least his near Ramsey family connections - a copy of which he bestowed upon the traveling Colorado Ramsay / Ramsey library. Since then he and his "better half", the Lady Susan, and their new terrier Robbie have been making the festival "rounds" including Colorado Tartan Day and the Longs Peak Scottish-Irish Festival and Games in Estes Park. There, Dennis has volunteered to help set up festival tents and other structures.  He was instrumental in helping set up Clan Ramsay tents.  And his group of ladies and dogs are always keen to be in the Saturday morning parade in downtown Estes Park. Much kudos to his family and friends in Estes Park, Colorado.

Matthew Paul Ramsey - Clan Participant

Matthew and family, wife Megan and children- Matthew Jr., Emma, and Kaylee - first came aboard the Clan group in 2022. Matthew had long been researching his Ramsey roots and knew a bit about his ancestors. Obviously, he was thrilled to find and meet his Clan representatives in Colorado - making the festival "rounds" including Colorado Tartan Day, Elizabeth Celt Fest, and the Longs Peak Scottish-Irish Festival and Games in Estes Park. There, Matthew and family have volunteered to help set up festival tents and participate as hosts.  He was instrumental in helping set up Clan Ramsay tents at Elizabeth Celt Fest in 2022.  And he and his son were keen to be in the Saturday morning parade in downtown Estes Park. Hopefully, he'll embrace more participation through the years and perhaps eventual leadership of Clan Ramsay Colorado. Thanx much to him and his family with their efforts in 2022 and hopefully beyond.

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