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Ramsey descendant at Colorado festival hails from John Mills Ramsey (1819 VA - 1900 TN)

Another Colorado festival participant had a grandmother named Katherine Elizabeth Ramsey (1907 TN - 1980 TN). She was a daughter of Jacob Ault Ramsey (1885 TN - 1951 FL) and Ida Mae Free (1888 TN - 1911 TN). Jacob's father was Joel Ault Ramsey (1845 - 1885) of Tennessee who married Sarah Catherine Spickard (b. 1858 TN). Joel's father was John Mills Ramsey, b. 12 Oct 1819 in Gloucester Co., VA, but died in 1900 in Knox Co., TN. His wife was Mary Ann Springfield Ault (1825 TN - 1891 TN) and they had at least six children. John Mills Ramsey's parents were both born in Virginia which was of course quite large in the late 1700s - early 1800s. His mother's name may have been Sarah Williams. If you have any information about this Ramsey line, please contact us.

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