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Recent Ramsay AGM attendee in Colorado is descended from Mary Elizabeth Ramsay (Ramsey) of Arkansas

Another Longs Peak Scot Fest attendee shared a portion of all they could remember about their Ramsay line, but it was enough to link them to both the Clan Ramsay database and Her grandmother was Mary Elizabeth Ramsay (Ramsey), originally of Washington Co., Arkansas, until her family moved to Oregon. Mary's husband was Hugh S. Wilson and they lived in Idaho before also moving to Oregon. Mary's parents were Demetrius Ramsey (1870 AL - 1941 OR) and Naomi Cundiff (1877 ARK - 1915 ARK). Demetrius' parents were Richard Marian Ramsey (1845 GA - 1927 ARK) and Mary Elizabeth Tabor (1851 GA - 1907 GA) and Richard's parents were Wade Hampton Ramsey (1812 GA - 1876) and Clara Liles Crump (1814 GA - 1887). Wade Hampton Ramsey's parents were William Ramsey of Franklin Co., GA (b. ca. 1760) and probably Rhoda McMillion (m. 1794 in VA). If you are from this Ramsey lineage and can help us know more, please contact us.

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