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Ramsey lineage of a Hale family in Colorado

This person first visited me at Elizabeth Celtic Fest in 2015 and knew that he had Ramsey persons in his ancestry, but wasn't to clear on the lineage. With a few facts provided, I was able to trace his Ramsey line from great-great grandmother Jessie Ramsey of Arkansas, mid-1800s, to her father Joseph Trimble Ramsey, b. ca. 1830 in Alabama, and then to John Hall Ramsey of Mecklenburg Co., NC, and later to his parents James Ramsey (1768 NC - 1848 AL) and Isabella Hall (1770 NC - 1804). James' parents were apparently William Ramsey (1742 NC - 1824 TN) and Maria Agnes Boyd (1744 Ireland - 1830 TN). And then William's parents were apparently John Ramsay (b. ca. 1705) and Elizabeth Blackie (b. ca. 1707). John's parents may have been David Ramsay and Alison Atchesone of Saltoun, East Lothian, Scotland.

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