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Another Colorado festival attendee is descended from William Ramsay of Nova Scotia b. ca. 1840

This particular Ramsay descendant has the given name Ramsay, but while his surname is no longer Ramsay, he has a strong desire to know more about his Ramsay lineage from Nova Scotia, Canada. His grandmother was Sophia Ella Ramsay (1883 - 1951) who married George Archie McDermid (1883 - 1977). Sophia's parents were William Ramsay (b. ca. 1839 in Nova Scotia - d. ca. 1893 in Wisconsin, probably) and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Higgins (1852 New Brunswick - 1918 Eau Claire, Wisconsin). However, there the trail goes "cold". If you are related or have information about these persons or others along a similar migration from Canada to the US, please contact us.

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