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The lineage of Ben Ramsey of Greeley Colorado can be traced back to a John Ramsey, b. ca. 1750 Augus

Ben Ramsey, a resident of Greeley, Colorado, has become a "regular" at the Longs Peak Scot Fest in Estes Park, Colorado. Whereas he doesn't have all the specifics of his Ramsey family lineage on hand, he knows enough for us to research his line. He had an ancestor Lillian Ramsey who we think is the daughter of Josephus Alpheus Ramsey. Lillian married Charles B Morris in 1905 and their son John Morris had a daughter Malinda Morris who we believe prepared a Ramsey Family History that may reside in the Library of Virginia in Richmond. If this line is correct, then Josephus's father was Oliver P. Ramsey (1817 - 1883) and his father was Samuel Ramsey (1792 - 1848). And finally Samuel's father is reckoned to be John Ramsey, b. ca. 1750 in Augusta Co., Va If you are related to this line and have other or more information, we'd love to hear from you. Thanx.

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