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LPSF attendee descended from John Ramsay of Carnoustie, Scotland

Yet another LPSF attendee said she had a grandfather who was from Scotland and he came to America, moving to Los Angeles in the early 1900s. He also played soccer (football in Scotland) and worked in the motion picture business as a studio grip. His name was James Ramsay who married Geraldine or Jeraldine Smith in Los Angeles, CA. They had three children: Geraldine, Norma, and James Jr. This younger James served in the Navy during the Korean and Vietnam Wars. And his sister Norma was a corporal in the US Marine Corps. James Sr's parents were John Ramsay and Alexina (or Alexandria) Simpson. John was born in Carnoustie, Forfarshire, Scotland in 1872. His mother's name may have been Jane Scott, b. ca. 1850 in Scotland. Alexina Simpson was born Mar 1872 in Dundee, married John Ramsay in 1895, and immigrated to America in July 1910 aboard the ship Numidian. They brought their two children; James, b. 1897 and John, b. ca. 1902. This James is James Ramsay Sr mentioned above. If you are related to or know something about this Ramsay family from around Dundee, please contact us.

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