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Clan Ramsay attends the Longs Peak Scottish - Irish Games and Festival (LPSF) in Estes Park

September 06, 2019

Still one of the largest Scottish festivals in North America, the LPSF in Estes Park, CO attracts over 50 clans yearly and about 10,000 people during its 3-day festival. Clan Ramsay Colorado saw 9 new Ramsay/Ramsey visitors, including Perry Ramsey of Erie, CO; Porshia Ramsey of Thermopolis, WY; Devon and Tamara Shaffer of Fort Collins (Rachel Ramsay of WY Co. PA); Jessica Ramsay of Victoria, BC, Canada; Jacquelyn Ramsay of Longmont, CO; Jack and Avery Ramsey of Lone Tree, CO; Virginia Ramsey of Chickasha, OK; and Edward Ramsay Thompson of Estes Park.

Tim Hale manages Clan Ramsay Colorado at Pikes Peak Celtic Festival - June 2018

June 16, 2018

With state commissioner Wayne R. Premo busy with family commitments, Tim Hale and his daughter Jeannie managed the Clan Ramsay Ranch (double garage tent) at the Pikes Peak Celt Fest in June. Two Ramsay / Ramsey visitors were registered: (1) Jeannine Sabisch of Colorado Springs who is descended from Morris Ramsey, b. 1848 in Fifeshire, Scotland, and (2) Amanda Hoard of Fountain, CO, who is descended from James Marshall Ramsey, b. ca. 1837 Henry Co. VA.

Clan Ramsay Colorado takes home three awards at Estes Park's Longs Peak Scottish / Celtic Festival, including Best of Festival

September 10, 2017

Every year awards are given to certain clans for their presentation(s) in (1) Parade(s), (2) Tent (best of field), and (3) Overall (Best of Festival). At the 2017 Longs Peak Scottish / Irish Highland Games, Clan Ramsay Colorado was awards all three for medium-size clan. We are very grateful to the organizers and clan committee for choosing our clan. It is a great honor.

Roving Ramsay Scotch Ale took 3rd place at the 2016 Denver County Fair

July 29, 2016

The Roving Ramsay Scotch Ale is a home brewed scotch ale that is brewed and designed by recent CSM graduate Jesse Glover. The recipe is based off a traditional fraoch heather ale. What makes this brew special is the use of french oak soaked in scotch.

Clan Ramsay Colorado hosted the 2016 Clan Ramsay International AGM at Estes Park, Colorado

September 10, 2016

Ramsay clan members and descendants from all over the country gathered in Estes Park, Colorado for their 2016 AGM. Longs Peak Scotch-Irish Festival was full of events from the opening day parade, to music, dancing, games, military tattoo, and real jousting. It was really a treat to have so many Ramsay persons in one place enjoying so many Celtic events as well as the grand meeting. Kudos to all who attended.

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The Colorado Scottish & Celtic Festivals - annually

Each year there are a series of Scottish or Scot-Irish or Celtic Festivals that are held in the state of Colorado. These currently include - chronologically - The Colorado Tartan Day Festival, typically in early April and currently in Longmont; the Pikes Peak Celtic Festival, typically in mid-June near Colorado Springs; the Elizabeth Celtic Festival, typically in mid-July near Elizabeth; the Colorado Scottish Festival in early August returns to Denver; and the "Creme de la creme" of Colorado, the Longs Peak Scottish-Irish Highland Festival and Games, always the weekend after labor Day in early September. Clan Ramsay Colorado looks to attend a majority of these festivals each year - the venues may change annually so follow the "Events" tab at this website or visit Clan Ramsay international for upcoming events.

Clan Ramsay Colorado News

Clan Ramsay Colorado at Pikes Peak Celtic Festival - June 2018


Clan Ramsay Colorado at longs Peak Scottish Festival - Sept 2019


Clan Ramsay Colorado at Scottish Festivals - 2022

In 2022 Clan Ramsay Colorado hosted at five major Colorado Scottish / Irish / Celtic festivals including the Colorado Tartan Day festival in Longmont in early April; the Pikes Peak Celt Fest north of Colorado Springs in mid-June; the Elizabeth Celtic Festival in Elizabeth, CO in mid-July; ; the Colorado Scottish Festival in Edgewater, CO in early August; and the Longs Peak Scottish-Irish Highlands Games in Estes Park in early September. We experienced enthusiastic crowds and met several new Ramsay / Ramsey persons, some becoming new members. Of note, Matthew Paul Ramsey has joined the Clan and even gone beyond the norm, participating fully with his family - wife Megan and three children - at all this year's festivals. We welcome you with open arms. Also in attendance through many of the events was Jesse Glover with wife Ginny Premo and daughter Anny, Steve and Michelle Williams, Tim Hale and family, Dennis Hurt and friends, Edward Ramsay Thompson, Jeanne Ramsay Babbit, Sheryl Ponzer, Cheryl Hessel, Amanda Hoard and family, Jessica Ramsay and family, James Clancy, and Rachel Keillor.  Many of the Ramsay / Ramsey roots for these persons date to the early 1700s in America, but others from the latter arrivals from Scotland.

       Weather was always a factor at all festivals this year including freezing temperatures and high winds of note, yet all endured and were happy to attend. Something about adversity breeds camaraderie and there was no lack of that through several tough times this year. Saliente and see you all in 2023 !!! 

Clan Ramsay Colorado wins Best of Festival - Longs Peaks Scot Fest

Brewmaster Jesse Glover takes 3rd place - Roving Ramsay Scotch Ale


Clan Ramsay Colorado returns to Scottish Festivals - 2022

After a two-year hiatus, Clan Ramsay Colorado returns to the festival field - see Upcoming Events Tab. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Colorado festivals have found it difficult to impossible to open their events during the past two years. However, with a decreasing incidence of the Omicron virus, and a general reduction in serious future variant strains, a change of wind, heart, and popular opinion has led several festivals to finally re-open for the 2022 season. So far, as of this upgrade, the Colorado Tartan Festival in Longmont in early April and Longs Peak Scottish - Irish Highland games in September have encouraged clans to register. We suspect other festivals will fall in line as the year progresses. Let's hope we are finally out of the deep woods on this serious medical situation. See you at the festivals !!

Clan Ramsay AGM at Longs Peaks Scottish-Irish Highland Fest

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